Ra ra!


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Ra ra ra! I wasn’t planning on buying any new clothes but it just happened…

Ra ra skirts remind me of when I was a little girl, and the neckline and shape of this dress is very flattering I think. I can’t wear it for work as it is-too revealing for a teacher! But paired with the yellow t-shirt I can get away with it. I’ve been wearing t-shirts under my dresses for years, but it’s just got very popular here in Korea. The only worry is I got a size smaller as they didn’t have it in my usual size, hopefully it won’t shrink! 

Dress: H&M 

T-shirt: H&M 

Shoes: New Look

New Tote Bag


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Tote bags are my go to every day kindof bag, you can fit so much in them! I’m the same way with bags that I am with shoes, I usually buy them and wear them until they fall apart or get very old and dirty looking. It’s been almost a year since I bought my last tote so I think it’s time for a new one! I love the cat design, it’s so cute and unique, I also like it looks kindof French. I purchased it in a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere, so I won’t see anyone else with it hopefully! 

Blue Stripes, Blue Flowers


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I just threw this on quickly on Friday…you know when the day before you have in your head what you want to wear but then the morning comes and you like ‘hmmmm…no’. So this is what I ended up wearing. Stripes and florals mix is boss! I, like most, love striped tops, especially the classic Chanel style blue and white. This t-shirt is a fairly new addition to my wardrobe and it’s been such a good buy, it goes with so many things! Painting the skirt was hard.

Necklace: Ebay

T-shirt: Uniqlo

Skirt: Monki

Shoes: New Look

My Favourite Skirt


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This is my favourite skirt! It’s originally from C&A, but I got it from my friend who was getting rid of loads of clothes last summer. I like the length and the shape, and the pattern is wonderful! The necklace was actually a present from the same friend-she’s got good taste! I get a lot of attention from the students about that necklace, they’re always trying to guess what it is, a boat, a melon, the setting sun… I think this illustration is my favourite so far, but painting those shoes was really hard! I didn’t get them quite right.

Skirt: C&A

Shirt: ASOS

Shoes: New Look

Necklace: Present

Pink Trousers


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I don’t like things to matchy matchy, so the first time I put this outfit together I was a bit ‘neughhh’, now it’s one of my favourites. The trousers were such a find! I love them and I think they’re silk too. They’re so comfy and interesting.

I found this illustration a little more tricky than the first, because it’s hard to draw a pose that seems natural. Also I don’t think this one looks like me so much.

T-shirt: Hand me down, Topshop

Belt: Hand me down, sister

Bag: Woodgreen Village Shop

Shoes: H&M

Trousers: Charity Shop


So… My name is Amelia and I love dresses!!! Phew ok now you know. I currently live in South Korea as a foreign teacher in a private academy. I hope one day to work as an illustrator, you can look at my other blog ameliarosejuddillustration.wordpress.com here. In the meantime in January I decided to start a clothes diary, then I decided to start a new blog to house all my drawings and photographs, don’t know if anyone will be interested but we will see!